HYTE Support


Service Levels

Support Service Levels




Hours of Coverage


Standard Business Hours

Severity 1 & 2 – 24x7

Severity 3 & 4 – Standard Business Hours

Support Channel

HYTE Portal

HYTE Portal

Number of Cases



Response Times

Initial Response

(Ongoing as Agreed)

Initial Response

(Ongoing as Agreed)

Severity 1

The service suffers an error or issue in a
production-down situation which affects
all or a majority of the users and which
cannot reasonably be circumvented.

1 Business Hour

1 Hour

Severity 2

The services suffer a persistent or irregular
error or issue which affects some users,
and which cannot reasonably be
circumvented, or the system or application
login is unavailable or limited for some
but not all users.

4 Business Hours

2 Hours

Severity 3

The services suffer a low impact error or
issue (which is not a Severity 1 or Severity
2) which impairs the use or features of the
services, but the reported error or issue can
be reasonably circumvented.

1 Business Day

6 Business Hours

Severity 4

The services do not incur an error, which
allows the business operations to function
normally, but inquiries about existing
documentation, standard use of the
services or other routine matters.

2 Business Days

1 Business Day

A 15-minute discussion will allow you to understand our support options and
identify the best option for your organization.