Spend less time reading blog posts, and more time creating value to the business.


HYTE provides dynamic solutions to both Fortune 500 companies and small enterprises, consisting of engagements aligned to your business goals.

Whether your team is brand new to Apache ActiveMQ or you already have an environment running, HYTE has the perfect, focused consulting engagement to empower your team to take ActiveMQ to the next level. HYTE can assist with timely engagements that are customized to fit your budget.

Our skilled team of consultants averages 15 years of experience across Open Source and many Commercial messaging platforms. Here are some potential consulting opportunities that HYTE can help with.

   Creation of initial architecture plan and implementation approaches.

   Health check for a current installation to ensure best practices.

  Health check for a current installation with troubleshooting of current known issues.

   Design and implementation of end-to-end encryption within your ActiveMQ platform.

   Creation of High Availability design and implementation for ActiveMQ.


Sometimes a 15-minute conversation with a Messaging Platform Architect can help make it all clear. Schedule a meeting for a quick discussion and/or online demo of our platform and tools.