Kubernetes Native


HYTE MQ is Kubernetes Native and leverages the best elements available within Kubernetes



  • Support for running in all type of compute environments

  • Abstract public cloud vendor




  • Configuration Management

  • Kubernetes Operator


  • Self-Service Console

Operational Best Practices


Automatic configuration of cluster connectivity during scaling, upgrades and maintenance

Managed Load Balancers


  • Single web application allows access to all brokers in a cluster

  • Dynamically updates as Kubernetes scales HYTE MQ cluster up and down



  • Brokers drain messages to their peers in the cluster during upgrades and scale-down to ensure maximum availability of messages

  • Automatically connect brokers in the same cluster

  • Automatically configure event flows across all brokers in a cluster



  • Support for multi-tenant HYTE MQ Clusters - Multiple even flows per HYTE MQ Cluster

  • Support for multi-tenant Kubernetes Clusters - Multiple HYTE MQ Clusters per Kubernetes Cluster



  • Support for SSL certificate management

  • Optional support for using Cloud-vendor managed SSL certificates on Load Balancers

Multi-Kubernetes Cluster Connectivity


Connect across Kubernetes Clusters for multi-cloud Event Flow redundancy


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