Any Cloud


HYTE MQ can run on any Public or Private cloud vendor, as well as virtual machines and bare metal

HYTE Kubernetes Any Cloud Diagram

The HYTE MQ Messaging Platform leverages the power of Kubernetes to provide organizations the ability to deploy messaging clusters in one or more cloud providers.


Benefits of Any Cloud


   Cloud vendor flexibility

   Enables multi-cloud environments

   Kubernetes provides cloud vendor abstraction


Kubernetes Distributions


Helm Chart based deployments provide standardized Kubernetes deployments across cloud vendors, while maintaining the ability to leverage cloud vendor specific capabilities.


   Microsoft Azure AKS

  Google Cloud GKE

   Amazon EKS

   Digital Ocean Kubernetes

   Self-Hosted Kubernetes

Bare Metal & Virtual Machines


The HYTE MQ Platform also supports running in Bare Metal and Virtual Machines.



   Public cloud virtual machines

   Private data center virtual machines

   On-premise bare metal

   IOT embedded compute

Use Cases


   Cloud environments

   Legacy system integration

   Retail store endpoint

   Physical location connectivity

   IOT gateway


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