Customer interaction is moving post-Web.  Automated connectivity between mobile, digital assistants, IoT, AI and business partners is trending to messaging and streaming for system-to-system interaction.


Organizations need to be proficient and enable their microservices for both API and messaging-based (EDA) interaction.

The HYTE Consulting catalog of best practices and


operational experiences enable this best-of-breed solution

Managed Messaging Offering

  • Fully managed multiple-messaging environments within your Cloud provider
  • Proactive monitoring and platform alert responses
  • HYTE Messaging Cloud toolkit
  • Soft-failover of connected clients
    • A-B deployments, with sandboxing of faulty message flows
    • On-demand re-routing of connected messaging clients
      (zero client-side code required)
  • Uninterrupted upgrades and patching of the entire platform
    • ActiveMQ Message Brokers
    • Operating System
    • Storage

Application Messaging Flows

  • HYTE provides recommended message flow patterns and client connectivity URIs

    • Support for single-application coded message flow, universal broker architecture

    • Client connectivity to support failover, and segmenting traffic

  • Support for Java and .NET-based clients

    • Text-based protocols available as-needed to support Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, Etc

  • Text and Binary message payloads

  • Standards-based JMS API


Sometimes a 15-minute conversation with a Messaging Platform Architect can help make it all clear. Schedule a meeting for a quick discussion and/or online demo of our platform and tools.