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Modern business needs are moving faster than IT departments can deliver. Advanced tools are required to help your teams be more efficient and accurate in a secure manner. The HYTE Console provides your teams with Middleware Management solutions to achieve these goals.

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  • Single application for all module functionality

  • Multi-version, multi-vendor support from a single installation

  • Centralized deployment

  • Functionality is kept up-to-date with current vendor formats

  • Security & Accountability

  • Active Directory and LDAP Integration for username, password and group membership

  • Fully customizable Advanced Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) allows organizations to customize access to resource and function needs

  • Low administration footprint

  • Audit tracing of all user functions performed through the console

  • Server connection passwords are always encrypted

  • HYTE Advanced RBAC

    How HYTE's Advanced RBAC Works

    Learn more about the Advanced Role Based Access Control features available within the HYTE Console.

    Best viewed in full screen HD mode with the sound on.

    Video: Advanced RBAC Explained (2:42)


    Sometimes a 15-minute conversation with a Messaging Platform Architect can help make it all clear. Schedule a meeting for a quick discussion and/or online demo of our platform and tools.

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    Lightweight & Scalable

  • Support for managing over 10,000 servers

  • Beyond 10,000 queues and topics supported

  • No backend database required

  • Support for High Availability deployments

  • Vendor Solutions Supported

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