HYTE MQ allows users the ability to view and manage their event flows in a secure manner

The HYTE MQ Messaging Platform offers comprehensive integration with Kubernetes, automating processes and providing complete observability for both platform and application teams.


Benefits of Self-Service


  • Secure access to resources

  • Delegate common tasks to application teams

  • Support message management tasks

  • Self-service API for automation

HYTE Console

The Kubernetes-integrated HYTE Console creates a single pane of glass to view and manage your Enterprise messaging platforms.


Many companies have multiple messaging platforms with application and support teams around the globe. Manage your environment in one, centralized application with customizable Security Access Layer and LDAP/Active Directory integration.


Benefits of HYTE Console


  • Modern Web UI

  • Secured access to designated queues and topics for application teas

  • Sensible default templates

  • Customized security access (IAM)

  • Active Directory and LDAP Integration


The HYTE Console management and messaging data services are available via REST API. This Allows teams the ability to incorporate automation of messaging administration and testing tasks. Flow control of the API requests is managed by built in rate limit capabilities.


  • REST-based access to all functions

  • Same secured access to HYTE Console

  • Allow application teams to automate production tasks

  • Allow DevOps teams to perform CI/CD tasks



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