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In a Hybrid world, technical efficiencies provide competitive advantages.

Organizations that streamline development and reduce single-use technologies have a decided advantage in delivering business solutions faster.

HYTE MQ Advantages

The HYTE MQ's advantage is in its lightweight footprint that can be deployed into any environment without having to modify or customize the application code. This enables administrators the flexibility to move runtimes between environments as needed, without having to engage with development teams.

  • Linux Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)

  • Cloud Environments

  • Virtual Machine Environments

  • Bare Metal


    The HYTE MQ is an Open Source Java runtime that enables development teams to focus on writing code and enables operations team to reduce overlapping technologies.

    HYTE MQ For Windows / .NET

  • HYTE MQ Registers as a Windows Service

  • Active Directory Integration

  • Clustering Supported

  • Native C# Client Libraries

  • Dynamic Configuration Updates

  • Apache ActiveMQ

    HYTE MQ Technical

    The HYTE MQ is a lean environment that is pre-configured to address REST API's and Messaging flows, the most common enterprise use cases. The HYTE Runtime provides greater flexibility than single-task application runtimes.

    HYTE MQ is a complete, Open Source build of the packages noted below. Our HYTE Consulting best practices were utilized to select these packages given the best successes seen in Fortune 500 businesses.

  • Java 8

  • Apache ActiveMQ (v5.15.3) for messaging and event sourcing

  • Apache Karaf (v4.1.5) lightweight runtime

  • Jackson (v2.9.3) for JSON data formats

  • LMAX disruptor (v3.4.1) for high-speed asynchronous logging with log4j2

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