HYTE Console v4.0.16 Release Notes

Released November 29, 2018

HYTE Technologies announces the release of v4.0.16 of the HYTE Console. This version adds two notable speed improvements and two notable UX changes.

Speed Improvements

  • Messaging task Remove All now defaults to Auto Acknowledge. This will provide a noticeable speed up when removing all messages from a queue with a large number of messages (100k+)
  • HYTE Console administrators will notice a speed improvement when working with security settings. Saving settings such as Applications, Filters and Filter Groups will have a noticeable improvement, especially when a large number of users are logged into the HYTE Console.

UX Improvements

  • Clicking on buttons that perform synchronous tasks now flip to ‘disabled’, preventing unintentional multiple-clicks when some actions are not instantaneous.
  • Message Send and Message Re-send page now support editing properties. Users no longer have to delete and re-add a property to perform a modification.

Additional items in this release

  • 63 features, bug fixes and tasks completed
  • Messaging Service gains support for Message Adapters
  • Support for IBM MQ Transmission (XMIT) and Dead Letter Queue (DLH) processing
  • Message Re-send page allows for edit of message properties
  • UX: Buttons disable when pressed
  • Speed up saving Application, Filter and Filter Group Save operations
  • Speed up Remove All messaging task by defaulting to 'Auto Acknowledge' mode