HYTE Console v4.0.13 Release Notes

Released October 26, 2018

Batch message upload and send made easy

There are many business scenarios where users require the ability to upload and send a batch of messages into their enterprise messaging platform. The HYTE Console now provides this valuable functionality in version 4.0.13.

Users may now upload a batch of messages into the HYTE Console with a single zip file. Developers can quickly test and re-test a full suite of scenarios with a simple routine. Production support teams can quickly update large numbers of messages by being able to modify message headers, properties and message bodies and then upload back into the messaging system for processing.

HYTE Console Upload and Send Screenshot

Message file flexibility

In order to better support our users, the following message file scenarios are supported with the new upload and send feature:

  • HYTE messages are supported with the xml metadata file containing an embedded message body.
  • HYTE messages are supported with the xml metadata file and an external message body file with matching index values in both filenames.
  • Message bodies may be text or binary.

No compromises in security and safety

File uploads pose a natural security concern to any system. The HYTE Console upload and send process automatically performs numerous security verifications to ensure that the payload of the Zip file is a batch of messages that parses correctly. If any file within the Zip file fails the CRC check, fails to parse correctly, or if the message body file fails to load correctly, the entire uploaded Zip file is marked Invalid and will not process. These steps are just an example of many steps that are performed within this new feature and are taken to help assure that your messaging system stays safe and maintains proper integrity.

Additional items in this release

  • 70 features, bug fixes and tasks completed
  • Support for IBM MQ
  • Various minor UI and UX fixes