How will support from HYTE accelerate your adoption of ActiveMQ?


Identify the right architecture for your environment and how to build it correctly the first time. Onboard applications faster with multi-tenant deployments.


Code faster. Avoid traps, ill-advised approaches and features that aren't good to use. Development questions are answered with sample code, because working code speaks for itself.


Identify the right approaches to secure and lock down a broker. Meet your security requirements by encrypting the communication between client and brokers, authenticate clients and authorize operations on queues and topics.


Leverage HYTE’s DevOps templates to package and deploy ActiveMQ builds for your CI/CD pipeline.

"The more companies move toward digital business models, the greater the need for modern application infrastructure to connect data, software, users and hardware in ways that deliver new digital services or products."

Fabrizio Biscotti - VP of Research, Gartner

Packages That We Support

Support Features and Benefits

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ActiveMQ Experts

A lot of companies offer support for a catalog of Open Source projects. HYTE is known for messaging and supports only integration technologies. HYTE is the right call for ActiveMQ support.
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Patches & Updates

Patches are a fact of life in software. HYTE delivers patches in a timely manner and contributes back to the Apache ActiveMQ community.
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Unlimited Cases

Different teams within your company have very different ActiveMQ questions. You can answer them all with unlimited support cases provided in all of our support packages.
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All Environments

All of your company ActiveMQ environments are important and require separate forms of support. We cover them all.

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Flexible Support Options

HYTE support is available for when your business needs it. We offer both 24x7 and business hour support packages.
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Sample Code

Nothing provides better advice to a developer than sample code that displays the best practice approach your business requires.
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Architecture Reviews

Real support packages are useful BEFORE you need them in production. HYTE support includes dedicated time with a tenured architect to ensure that your messaging environment is following all current best practices.
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Quarterly Reviews

Things happen fast when you're supporting a production environment. HYTE hosts a quarterly session with your team to discuss cases from the previous period and provide industry insights for future planning of your ActiveMQ environment.

"Organizations are looking to create a single administrative, monitoring and operating environment for complex, multivendor integration infrastructures."

Massimo Pezzini - Gartner


Get Advice. No Cost. No Strings.

Sound too good to be true? It's not.

You bring your problems to the meeting and we'll bring actionable advice.

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