HYTE MQ is a build of the most stable package of Apache ActiveMQ that we utilize along with some additional features and packages that many Enterprises require.

HYTE MQ OSS is the completely Open Source build available to the community.

HYTE MQ is also available for the Kubernetes platform, including a full-featured and Kubernetes Native management console. More information is available here.

The HYTE experts leveraged their deep knowledge of commercial and open source messaging systems to create an innovative set of management tools for tomorrow’s hybrid messaging platform.

Future proof your messaging platforms with features for developers, administrators and managers.

Looking for Apache ActiveMQ support options for your Enterprise? HYTE has you covered! Apache ActiveMQ is very reliable and runs in production in many extremely large companies.

Most Enterprises want the assurance of bug fixes and patches on their schedule - not the Community schedule.

We offer both Premium (24x7) and Standard support packages

HYTE Consultants are trained experts on commercial and open source messaging platforms.

All of our consultants are highly tenured with numerous completed integration projects.

Our engagements range from 1-week health checks to long-term projects.

Leverage HYTE's messaging experts to advance your corporate team's knowledge of ActiveMQ. HYTE offers week-long, instructor led, online courses for both ActiveMQ administrator and developer topics.

Custom courses can be created with the help of one of our technical members if you reach out to us through the Contact page today!


Sometimes a 15-minute conversation with a Messaging Platform Architect can help make it all clear. Schedule a meeting for a quick discussion and/or online demo of our platform and tools.