What is Enterprise Messaging?


HYTE's CTO, Matt Pavlovich, provides a quick breakdown on why messaging is such a popular technology for providing reliable communication between computer systems


HYTE MQ on Kubernetes


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HYTE MQ is an advanced messaging platform based on Apache ActiveMQ, an Open Source enterprise messaging system that is heavily relied on by many Fortune 500 companies. HYTE MQ provides reliable data transmission, delivery and ordering of data traffic. For developers, this significantly reduces the amount of coding complexity required when moving data between enterprise applications.


HYTE MQ runs on all Kubernetes distributions, providing a Messaging Platform as a Service, as well as virtual machines and bare metal installations.  HYTE's Messaging Platform as a Service offering is Kubernetes native and includes a full-featured management console.


HYTE MQ OSS is the completely Open Source build available to the community.


HYTE Console


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Our messaging experts at HYTE leveraged their deep knowledge of commercial and open source messaging systems to create an innovative set of management tools for tomorrow’s hybrid messaging platform.


Future proof your messaging platforms with features for developers, administrators and managers.




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HYTE enables Apache ActiveMQ's scalability, reliability and performance in customer environments. We offer 24x7 and business-hours support packages to ensure businesses' mission-critical applications are protected.



Sometimes a 15-minute conversation with a Messaging Platform Architect can help make it all clear. Schedule a meeting for a quick discussion and/or online demo of our platform and tools.