The HYTE MQ Messaging Platform leverages the power of Kubernetes to provide organizations the ability to deploy messaging clusters in one or more cloud providers.

When To Use HYTE MQ

Event Driven Architecture

  • Allow multiple applications to receive a stream of data

  • Connect applications across networks

  • Connect applications written in different programming languages

  • Connect applications running on different platforms

  • When you need a broker for Event Driven Architecture

  • Ability to allow other applications to receive a copy of message flow stream without having to touch existing applications

  • Applications are decoupled at run time. Allows applications to have independent maintenance windows

  • Ability to withstand outages between two applications without having to program complex solutions to compensate for downtime of other applications

Self Service


In addition to providing a containerized runtime for ActiveMQ, the HYTE messaging platform provides deep integration to Kubernetes to automate and provide full observability to platform and application teams.

The Kubernetes-integrated HYTE Console creates a single pane of glass to view and manage your Enterprise messaging platforms. Many companies have multiple messaging platforms with application and support teams around the globe. Manage your environment in one, centralized application with customizable Security Access Layer and LDAP/Active Directory integration.

Containers - Bare Bones

API Access

  • Allows a single broker to start and accept connections from applications

  • Use cases: Developer desktop, integration testing, etc...

  • Deploying single brokers and hand-coded configuration management

  • HYTE Console management and messaging data services are available via REST API

  • Secured Access Layer applies to the API, just as it does in the UI

  • Allows teams the ability to incorporate automation of messaging administration and testing tasks using HYTE APIs

  • Rate limit capabilities to allow flow control of the API requests

HYTE MQ is Kubernetes Native


  • Automatic configuration of cluster connectivity during scaling, upgrades and maintenance

  • Centralized configurations across environments (dev, test, prod)

  • HYTE MQ brokers drain messages during scaling events to their cluster peers

  • Backup and Restore of messaging platform configurations Manage Message Flow definitions (Order Flow, Quote Flow, etc.)

    • Queues and Topics assigned to an application

    • Application-specific configurations

    • Application service account credentials across multiple environments (dev/test/prod)

    • Message flow-specific tuning parameters

    • Message flow DLQ configuration

  • Support for multi-tenant HYTE MQ Clusters (multiple message flows per cluster)

  • Support for multi-tenant Kubernetes Clusters (multiple HYTE MQ Clusters per Kubernetes cluster)

  • Manage multi-site connectivity Managed broker upgrades

  • Managed load balancers

  • SSL certificate lifecycle management

  • Self-service access to queues and messages to application and support teams

  • Automatically update list of accessible brokers to application teams

  • Single web application allows access to all brokers in a cluster. Dynamically updates as Kubernetes scales HYTE MQ cluster up/down


Sometimes a 15-minute conversation with a Messaging Platform Architect can help make it all clear. Schedule a meeting for a quick discussion and/or online demo of our platform and tools.